The Vision


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  1. Raven Gray says:

    Ambitious, but definitely worthwhile. I support your beliefs, and would love to make it to one of your presentations in the future. Thank you for all the good work you are doing!

  2. Shelli Douglass says:


    I applaud your effort. Change must come from ALL VECTORS, ie, bottom up, top down, inside out. Informed citizenry will not likely take a stand against capitalism because “they,” ie, the middle class, still benefits from corporate greed to some degree. We still sleep in warm beds, for the most part.

    How will we stop the military industrial complex? Don’t you think that they will want to silence (kill) the opposition? Corporatocracy will most likely win unless we are able to convince American multinational corporations to consider social justice as a viable commodity/profit, right?


    • Russs says:

      Hi Shelli,
      I believe that the initiative for change will come from the bottom up, forcing politicians to act from the top down. Our citizenry are not sleeping so well in their beds these days and I think we will see significant political changes in coming elections. What encourages me about positive change is that our economic and military systems are so unstable and unsustainable that we don’t need a revolution to tear them down. They will most likely collapse under their own weight. We need a different kind of revolution in which we build new models for what needs to replace the current failing systems and a political linkage of the many movements for peace, the environment and social justice, creating a critical mass that cannot be overcome.
      While the military industrial complex will definitely want to silence or defeat the opposition, we don’t need to convince them about social justice. As the number of defense contracts continues to shrink, the weapons industry will look elsewhere for work. My proposal is not to put them out of business, but rather give them domestic rather than military contracts to maintain jobs and take advantage of all their science and engineering talent. My book Transition to Peace goes into much more detail on this.
      Thanks for your comments. It’s people like you who will help make the right changes happen.

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